Student Life

Green Belt Lunches

Periodically Middle School students can sit in a special grassy area to enjoy lunch (and listen to music).

Therrific Thursday

4 times a year on Thursday, the winning House gets a pizza party and the whole Middle School, after lunch, participate in 5 fun mini workshops of the students choosing. Choices are: Movie Making, Cooking, Sports and Games, Comedy/Improv. Dance and More!


Free Middle School dances with a DJ and eats, scheduled periodically during the school year.


2 concerts a year. Holiday Program and End of the Year concert. Middle School students can participate either by being in the orchestra program OR in choir for the Holiday Program.

Movie Night

Middle School students can attend a free movie night shown in our Mult-Purpose Room. Students enjoy the movie, pizza and popcorn. They can bring blankets and pillows to be comfortable.


School wide program for a nominal fee. Hang out with your friends for an evening of skating.

Ultra-Zone Laser Tag

Middle School Students ONLY fun night out to bond with school mates.