If you have a child who’s interested in the political process and wants to learn more about international relations, diplomacy, and critical thinking, our MUN program is an ideal extracurricular activity for them.

Students, called “ambassadors”, participate in the program with their peers. Student delegates receive an up-close and personal understanding of how our government works by being empowered to:

  • Give public speeches
  • Debate international issues
  • Participate in committees
  • Attend statewide social events and dances

The four-month program culminates in May when delegates from around the state meet to establish their own student-run United Nations.

Not only are these great programs to help kids develop friendships, leadership and critical thinking, but also they learn that that their voice is powerful and, together, they can make a difference.

Middle school kids will prepare Tuesdays after school to participate in this event. There is a training event trip to Camp Roberts in Paso Robles, CA in March 23-35, 2018 and then the main event is April 26-29, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Kids must stay at hotel during event.
This is an amazing event and opportunity for your kids!!!!

One of the biggest questions for this program is cost. The program is $850 payable to the YMCA (not HIP or Hesby). This will be done with your MUN paperwork in 2 payments. Financial aid is available thorugh the YMCA and the information is included in the links below.

For additional information about Model United Nations you can follow these links:


(please note the dates in this handbook from the YMCA are INCORRECT, but the information about the program is CORRECT)


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