What a great second day! HESBY LOVE RUN is doing an amaizing job - over $12,000 raised so far.  Thank you to all that completed the BOOSTER OLYMPICS last night.  Congrats to Mrs. Preuss's class for the win.


Tonight's challenge goes through the WHOLE WEEKEND! Any student who gets pledges totaling $3 per lap will earn a special weekend prize called the QUANTUM RINGS! That means that if you get any number of pledges totaling $90, you will earn this Weekend Challenge prize!

The quantum rings are a fun toy your kids have seen demonstrated...ask them about it!!  Or check us out on Facebook to see the video.

Keep reaching out to your friends and family via calls, emails and social media.  One of the benefits of the HESBY LOVE RUN is the ability to reach outside of just our parents to fundraise.


Help Hebsy feel the love!

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