100% in 100 Days! 

We are very excited for the new school year and are looking forward to working with all our Parents, Teachers and Hesby staff to make it great! This year we have decided to forgo all the little fundraisers and focus all our energy towards our four biggest fundraising events.  These are:  HOPE Fund, Monster Mash, Fun Run and Gala/Auction. 

Our first big push will be the HOPE Fund. If you are new to Hesby, this is our direct donation drive.  We ask for $500.00 per child, but we are grateful and happy to take WHATEVER YOU CAN GIVE.  Our goal this year is to get 100% Participation in 100 Days.  

Below is a list of all the things HIP pays for through  our fundraising efforts.  In order to maintain all of these positions and programs, we need to raise a total of $320,000 this year.  We are hoping to raise approximately half of that amount through the HOPE Fund. 

Whahappens tthe money you donate?  It goes directly tsupport educational servicelike:

  • Computer Lab & Teacher          
  • PE Teachers &Equipment
  • Art Program & Teacher
  • Classroom Aides
  • State of the Art Science Lab
  • After School Sports
  • Community Events (BBQ’s, Dances etc)
  • Culmination Activities
  • Classroom Stipends
  • Scholarships for Overnight Trips
  • OngoingCampus Improvements and more…


DONATIONS tthe HOPE Fund ar100% tax deductible

Click the form below to print a copy.