Yearbook picture deadline extension! We've gotten an extension through next week 4/10 to get more pictures in! We'll take whatever you've got but here's some key items.
* Middle School candids - We need your pictures from around school. Upload them now
8th grade: Make sure you uploaded your baby pictures...NOW! - see instructions in your Google classrooms.
8th grade: Make sure you entered your 8th grade yearbook quote through your Google Classroom too. We need them...NOW!
* Everyone: upload a picture of your "Work from Home" workspace - with you included of course (please see the upload directions below). Due now....
Everyone: upload a picture of yourself with your pets for "My Pet and I like to..." Due now...
Everyone: Any other school candids or activities around school? We'll take 'em. Upload them soon, please.
Here's the instructions to upload your pictures:
Choose: photo post
Choose: our state, city, school
login name: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and password: hesby
Choose: the folder on the left where you'd like to upload. For instance "My pet and I" or "Work from home"
Choose: upload and navigate to the photo you're uploading and upload away.


Hesby Oaks Leadership Charter is closed along with all LAUSD schools.  The office is closed.  There is no one there to answer questions about Hesby until LAUSD reopens.  Here are some numbers if you do need information

Here are some educational online resources we have collected.  We will add more as we find them